Absence of Motive

(Roget's Thesaurus)
<- N
PARAG:Absence of Motive->N
GRP: \\ N \\ 1
Sgm: \\ N \\ 1 \\ absence of motive
absence of motive
Sgm: \\ N \\ 1 \\ caprice
&c. 608
Sgm: \\ N \\ 1 \\ chance
&c.(absence of design) 621
PARAG:Absence of Motive->V
GRP: \\ V \\ 1
Sgm: \\ V \\ 1 \\ have no motive
have no motive
Sgm: \\ V \\ 1 \\ scruple
&c.(be unwilling) 603
PARAG:Absence of Motive->Adj
GRP: \\ Adj \\ 1
Sgm: \\ Adj \\ 1 \\ without rhyme or reason
without rhyme or reason
Sgm: \\ Adj \\ 1 \\ aimless
&c.(chance) 621
PARAG:Absence of Motive->Adv
GRP: \\ Adv \\ 1
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 1 \\ out of mere caprice
out of mere caprice

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